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Assistive Robotics to Maintain Elderly people in Natural environment – ARMEN

Submission summary

APPROCHE association and CEA LIST experience on robotics mobile manipulation (AVISO project) has shown during the assessments made since 2005 in several rehabilitation and re-education centres, that this technical assistance is interesting for users and that more of 80% of these users said they would utilize the system if it were available on the market. These validations, conducted with a strict protocol and under medical control with occupational therapists, 65 patients and more than a 100 valid people if they have shown the interest for assistive robotics have also highlighted lacks of high-level functions and behaviours that we propose to conceive in ARMEN project. In order to ensure usefulness of developments for targeted end users, industrial and academic partners will maintain a close collaboration with APPROCHE physicians and occupational therapists throughout the project; from analysis of users needs at the beginning to evaluation at the end and including a constant involvement of medical staff during the project.
These evaluations show that the solution is mature but some weaknesses remain if we wish by non-specialists to use this system.
- Obstacle avoidance does not include the complete volume of the mobile and the equipment
- Specialists are still required to adapt the machine to its environment
- Users ask for scenarios that are more practical: drinking, opening a door, etc.
This projects aims at overcome these weaknesses and assess the developments with people loosing their autonomy under medical control.

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