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Satiation Activated by VAgal Nerve Electrostimulation – SAVANE

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Since 1998, obesity has been considered by World Health Organization to be a disease spreading in an epidemic way. Currently, obesity affects nearly 20 to 50% of the world population. Eventhough all social classes of the population are affected, it appears to predominate in classes having low economic income, and is not restricted to developed countries. This pathology represents a proven factor for the development of type II diabetes and several cardiovascular diseases.
Existing therapies based on drug delivery or surgery exhibit a limited effectiveness in comparison to their high invasivity and reduced adaptability. Some researches focused on the study of the vagal nerve have demonstrated its important role in nervous signals addressed to the hypothalamus for satiety regulation. This has promoted exploration in the field of vagal nerve electrostimulation in order to induce satiety (and thus weight reduction) for people suffering severe and morbid obesity.
The SAVANE project presents the experimental development of a complete vagal nerve stimulator system, implantable by cœlioscopy and intended to obesity treatment.
Indeed, a treatment method using vagal nerve stimulation and having both advantages of reversibility and adaptability has been successfully experimented on a pig at the National Institute of Agronomic Research of Rennes (France). This work has led to the deposit of an international request of patent, on August 28th, 2007.
The similarity between pigs and humans' anatomy,particularly considering their respective digestive apparatus, enables scientists to extrapolate the experimental methodology and subsequent results to Human Being. Nevertheless, the employed exploratory method may not be directly implementable to humans due to both the invasiveness of the surgical technique (laparotomy) and the inadequacy of the
device's architecture.
The primary objective of the project will be the technical validation on a pig, of the complete system intended to be implanted by cœlioscopy. The secondary one will be devoted to the validation of the stimulation strategy planned for obesity treatment.
In a near future, the complete valorisation of the project will consist in a successful transfer and validation of the entire system (stimulator and stimulation procedure) to the human being. Indeed, for evident reasons of detachment, the human validation part will not be included in this study.

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