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Robust BCI keyboard – RoBIK

Submission summary

The aim of a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is to translate EEG features from scalp or invasive recording into a command for a specilized device (most often using bio-feedback). BCI for communication purpose is not a recent idea, there is indeed no need of muscular activity to use it that is why the BCI stands for a real alternative for restoration of control and communication for severely disabled people.
One can notice that even if BCI systems are an attractive field of study for computer sciences laboratories, we will still hardly find a usable BCI system among the users (typicaly Locked-In Syndrom person). We have identified some raesons to that:
1. lack of robustness :
a. of the measurement : stability of the EEG signal quality durnig the time, bad artefacts processing
b. of the application : signal processing for a given function, no adaptation of signal processing techniques with time, no aplication that fit with BCI needs)
2. lack of ergonomics : complexe and time consuming setup of amplification systems and softwares, need of techniciens for setup and during the use, very bad "acceptability" from patients who do not want to look like "cyber-man", and at lst but not least very unconfortable Human Machine Interface looking like old MS-DOS console
As a consequence of what, despite a growing number of publications in that field of study, there is still no BCI system for daily use that fits to user's needs.
The aim of our project can be defined as follow :
1. gather main actors of BCI signal processing pipe and propose true key innovations to raise robustness needed to transfert BCI technology from bench to bedside.
2. work close to patients in order to propose a system which will truly fit to their needs.

At the end of the project, we will get, after a 36-month-long experimental developpement, a functionnal prototype of virtual keyboard for communication called RoBIK, commanded through a BCI system which will be robust and avaible for a daily use by patients.

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