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Ultrasound Transducer Array for Therapy and Imaging of the Prostate – MULTIP

Submission summary

This project is the continuation of the project SUTI (ANR05RNTS01102) submitted in 2005, reaching completion in May 2009 and related to the development of multi-element ultrasound transducers used in ultrasound therapy. The research work, carried out as three sub-projects, has resulted in the achievement of several independent results
- The development of multi-element ultrasound prototype transducers designed for the treatment of prostatic and thyroidal disease and the evaluation of guiding imagery dedicated to these applications (sub-project #1). These developments will be now tested in clinical practice.
- The development of a multi-element ultrasound transducer combining both imaging and therapeutic functions for interstitial applications (One dimensional flat array using 5MHz working frequency) (sub-project #2)..

The development of MRI compatible ultrasound transducers including an antenna for high resolution imaging of the targeted biological areas (sub-project #3).

The partners (EDAP, IMASONIC, INSERM U556 and UMR 642) now believe to have acquired the scientific, experimental and industrial competence to start a new and ambitious development program with the objective of integrating in one device the technologies presented above. The ultimate objective will be obtain, at project completion, a multi element array ultrasound transducer in which a part of the elements will be exclusively dedicated to 3D therapy by electronic beam steering. The other part will be used for both imaging and therapy. The ultrasound imaging transducer will allow the system to be used in the context of ultrasound guided therapy.
The MRI compatibility of the probe and the integrated antenna will allow the same product to be used for MRI guided therapy. These systems could be named Hybrid Ultrasound Therapeutic Transducer since they equally combine two independent and complementary imaging modalities.

It is proposed that this research work be performed in the context of prostate cancer treatment which is a clearly identified clinical application in which the different partners have already acquired the technological, clinical and industrial experience.

Project coordination

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


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