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Analyse 3D et Discrète des Micro-Mécanismes de Déformations dans les Suspensions Fortement Concentrées en Fibres – ANAFIB

Submission summary

In this project, an experimetnal study of micro-mechanisms arising during the flow of highly concentrated fibre suspensions is proposed. The general objective is to better understand the flow of short fibre reinforced polymer composites during their forming phase, by linking their rheology with their evolving fibrous microstructures. For that purpose, a quantitative 3D "discrete" method of image analysis is proposed in order to characterise and follow the evolution of the networks of entangled fibres during the flow of the suspensions. The method is named as "discrete" since each fibre will be regarded as a flexible beam displaying contacts with other beams. To do so, model fibre suspensions, i.e. with controlled fibrous microstructures, will be processed and then deformed inside a specially designed micro-rheometer, allowing the in situ observations of fibrous microstructures with X-Ray microtomography. In parallel, 3D image analysis algorithms will be developed in order to characterise the networks of entangled fibres. Other algorithms will also be built to measure local and discrete kinematical fields within fibres and at fibre-fibre contacts. Firstly, such algorithms will be tested with numerical benchmarks, which will be established from discrete element simulations. Secondly, they will be used in order to analyse microstructure evolutions in the model suspensions deformed with the micro-rheometer.

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