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Tars cracking assisted by thermal plasma – TURBOPLASMA®

Submission summary

The goal of Turboplasma® is to lower at least two decades in the tars concentration sowing a fuel gas. The implementation of this Turboplasma® on a 1/10 scale of an industrial scale is to pass achievement milestones and allow to test design factor which, hitherto, couldn’t be implemented on laboratory scale. It gives also the possibility to develop and qualify a device for measuring tars concentration, in pre-industrial mode, in-line. Innovation is the use of a sampling technique on solid phase (SPME, Solid Phase Micro Extraction) which have shown in the past relevant behavior in situations where the gas matrix is complex, charged with moisture and at high temperature. The development of such measurements apparatus would provided a respond time in the range of magnitude of Turboplasma® behavior. Furthermore, it will lead to evaluate the tars reduction performance carry trough by Turboplasma®. This program is dedicated to the experimental characterization of the technological key solution for energy production facilities.

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