GPLA - Réseau de génomique végétale GENOPLANTE 2010

New developments towards a genetic and diagnosis use of plant microarrays – M03-M04

Submission summary

Several factors affect today a more extended use of microarrays for research and as a diagnosis tool. These factors are the experimental cost, the reproducibility of the measurements and the format of the analyses. This project aims at bringing solutions in these three domains by optimizing multiplexed analyses in order to reduce cost and enhance the number of samples treated simultaneously; by proposing new couples flurophores / slide surface in order to increase the signal precision and by developing new applications such as Comparative Genomic Hybridization (GGH) or Promoter Arrays to bring the plant microarray beyond transcriptome analyses. Altogether, these approaches will allow us to construct an optimized diagnostic tool based on 96 well microplate microarrays. This multidisciplinary project bring together biologists, chemists, physicists and mathematicians to develop innovative solutions for future application of DNA microarrays.

Project coordination

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Help of the ANR 324,460 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: - 24 Months

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