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Carbon management towards low fossil carbon use


Mots-clés : bioeconomy; circular economy; life cycle assessment; soil carbon sequestration; biochar; sustainable aviation; bio-based materials; novel foods; bio-oil; biogas; residual biomass


The major highlights / significant events related to Cambioscop for the period January 1st 2022 to December 31st 2022 can be summarized as follows:


  • Publication of 7 papers in ISI journals (2: Science of the Total Environment (IF=7.963); 1: Nature Food (no IF yet); 1: Applied Energy (IF=9.746); 1: Nature Scientific Reports (IF=4.379); 1: Resources, Conservation and Recycling (IF=10.204); 1: Energy & Environmental Science (IF=38.53) )
  • Invited presentations of the project results in: 2 international conferences (Adebiotech March 2022 in Paris, Nordic Biogas Conference 2022 in Linkoping), one presentation linked with the MOPGA context (in Berlin, MOPGA final conference), 3 presentations in the context of local events in Toulouse (Assises de la Recherche en Ingénierie, Séminaire Supaero de l’aviation du future, Rassemblement IGEM organized by the EUR BioEco), and 3 within national events (Adebiotech Juillet 2022, Workshop “méthanisation-agroécologie” Oct. 2022, workshop organized by L’Oréal on sustainability assessments in March 2022)
  • One Cambioscop paper (from 2020: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2019.136033) got, for the second year, the « Highly cited » label in Web of Sciences for field « Environment / Ecology ».
  • Three papers cited in IPCC AR6 (WGIII on mitigation), one being the Highly Cited paper mentioned above. The 2 others (10.1016/j.rser.2020.110506 ; 10.1111/gcbb.12733) are not a direct result of Cambioscop, but of efforts initiated before, although they include an acknowledgement to the project because of the time used by L. Hamelin during the revision process.
  • Four oral presentations (selected on competition, not invited) of the Cambioscop work at international conferences: 2 at LCA Foods 2022 in Peru by PhD students U. Javourez and G. Manulat, 1 at TSAS 2022 (Toulouse) by PhD student P. Su-Ungkavatin, and one by L. Hamelin at EUBCE 2022
  • Dissemination of results at national level, closer to policy & decision makers: (i) invited presentation at L’Oréal in Paris to discuss the details of the methodologies used within Cambioscop, and (ii) presentation by a PhD student at national INRAE LCA network event (January)
  • Graduation of 2 PhD students: Zhou Shen (co-supervisor, fully financed by a grant from the Chinese government, topic: bio-based materials from feedstock grown on marginal lands, defended in May 2022) and Pimchanok Su-Ungkavatin (main supervisor, partly financed by Cambioscop, topic: sustainable aviation, defended in December 2022)
  • Obtaining a new Horizon Europe project: duration 3 years, budget of ca. 400,000 EUR, start October 2022. Developing, based on the knowledge developed within Cambioscop, advanced Life Cycle Assessment methodologies to improve the evidence-based decision making with regards to the bio-based economy.  
  • Involvement in 2 « projets ciblés » (B-BEST, FAIRCN) in 2 “PEPR” (GALAXY-BIOPROD, SLAM-B). In the latter (SLAM-B), L. Hamelin is co-coordinator. The work to be done in both projects, the latter especially, are direct spin-off of Cambioscop.
  • Involvement in initiative Solnovo (; living lab on sustainable soil carbon enhancement on arable lands) as evaluator and as scientific partner (LCA)
  • L. Hamelin is laureate of an INRAE “Chaire de Professeur Junior » starting 1st September 2022 (Transitions intelligentes et durables vers des économies sans carbone fossile)

L'auteur de ce résumé est le coordinateur du projet, qui est responsable du contenu de ce résumé. L'ANR décline par conséquent toute responsabilité quant à son contenu.

Informations générales

Acronyme projet : CambioSCOP
Référence projet : 17-MPGA-0006
Région du projet : Occitanie
Discipline : 2 - SMI
Aide PIA : 474 444 €
Début projet : mai 2018
Fin projet : mai 2025

Coordination du projet : Lorie HAMELIN
Email :

Consortium du projet

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